Liv Cycling products


Liv Cycling Products

In 2011, Giant announced their new line of women’s specific products they called Liv. Since then, Giant has worked hard to build the Liv brand so that it stands on its own, carrying its own unique brand identity, all the while creating a support network that aims to get more women out on bikes.

Liv is unique in that everything, from the geometry of their bike frames, to the fit of their jerseys and shoes has been designed to not only fit perfectly with women’s bodies, but also appeal to their aesthetic desires.

Liv works closely with female competitive riders, and also with cycling ambassadors: women who work hard to help encourage other women to start riding and to improve their skills on the bike. Liv has transcended the retail space, connecting women to the bike not just through the great range of products available, but by supporting them in their endeavours as well.

Liv Range of Products

When Giant created Liv, they did so aware of the fact that cycling products were often not designed specifically for women. Women have different bodies to them, this was obvious yet overlooked by many other manufacturers. Liv products are designed specifically for the female form, improving the level of comfort and performance that riders can experience.

Liv Range of Bikes

Liv bikes are for all women. Whether you ride road, mountain, track, BMX, or you are an environmentally conscious commuter, there is a Liv bike model to take you on your next adventure.

With the growing popularity of other discipline such as cyclocross, Liv is constantly working on new and exciting bike models to cater to every style of riding, regardless of that rider’s age or level of ability.

Accessories, Parts, Helmets and More

Liv is about the whole package. Liv provides women with a complete range of products: that means creating helmets, shoes, cleats, clothing and accessories that have been designed to suit the female aesthetic and to be as comfortable as possible delivering the same level of performance as comparable Giant products.

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