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Mavic Cycling products


Throughout its long history as a producer of cycling products, French company Mavic has explored almost every possible corner of the industry, creating some of the most successful and innovative products that have led to countless imitators.

In 1889, brothers Charles Idoux and Lucien Chanel began a company manufacturing and selling spare parts for bicycles. The company would later go on to be named Mavic (Manufacture d’Articles Vélocipédiques Idoux et Chanel).

Throughout the 20th century, Mavic would continue to challenge the capabilities of bicycle parts and component. Big sky thinkers, Mavic sought to create new and exciting technologies all aimed at giving professional and recreational riders the edge over the competition, or simply a more enjoyable time on the bike.

A History of Innovation

In the early seventies, the first real tests were being performed surrounding the effect that aerodynamics had on the performance of bicycle technologies. Mavic developed one of the first aero track wheels which, while initially illegal for use in competition, led to an arms race in the development of aerodynamic wheel technologies.

In 1975, Mavic then set its sight on components, producing the first ever fully sealed bottom bracket. Dubbed the “600 RD”, this revolutionised the bicycle hub and led to the creation of the 500RD, which featured adjustable bearings, making for easy maintenance and increased durability.

The French company is also credited with producing the world’s first electronic groupset in 1992. Whilst the product never reached its full potential, it laid the foundations of the electronic groupsets found on many high-end bikes of today.

Moving forward to the year 2000, Mavic delivered UST tubeless technology to the world of mountain biking, a system that allows tyres to be ran tubeless, reducing the risk of pinch flats and allowing more grip through the ability to run lower tyre pressures, widely regarded as being just as liberating to off-road enthusiasts as the development of suspension for mountain bikes.

Mavic Cycling Products

Today, Mavic produces a huge range of cycling products all designed to aid every cyclist, regardless of preferred riding discipline. The vast and varied range of products on offer crosses a number of categories including market leading wheels & parts, shoes & cleats to suit all budgets, cycling clothing to complete the look, lightweight helmets and bike tools to aid with servicing and maintenance.