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Maxxis Cycling products


Maxxis Cycling Products

One of the most well-known tyre brands in the world, Maxxis has been wrapping bike wheels in high performance rubber since ’67. Maxxis is now a subsidiary of Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co. which, as of 2013 was the ninth largest tyre company in the world.

Maxxis has grown massively, supplying bicycle tyres to people in 180 countries and employing over 25,000 people worldwide.

Committed to performance, Maxxis tyres are designed and manufactured using only the most advanced technology at their production plants in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Those products are then rigorously tested, first at their world class testing facilities, and later by elite riders across a range of disciplines; from road cycling, to mountain biking, cyclocross and BMX riding.

Types of Tyres

Within each of those categories, Maxxis manufactures a vast range of products suitable to every level of rider and every style within each discipline.

  • Looking for something hard wearing for long training rides through winter? The Re-Fuse earns its name because it refuses to puncture giving you plenty of kms before changing a set.

  • A set of Camione tyres – Maxxis’ high end road racing tyres – will keep you rolling fast and provide plenty of traction in the corners. Kevlar composite makes them hard wearing enough to get you through the race too, reducing the chances of a puncture.

  • For the cross country mountain bike rider, the Ardent range of Maxxis tyres provide a good balance between speed and grip. Plenty of knobs along the sides mean you can get the bike way over, while being ramped enough that rolling resistance is kept to a minimum. A great all-round MTB tyre.

We could go on and on: if you are looking for a new set of tyres, Maxxis makes a set suitable to you.

Maxxis Accessories

Maxxis makes sure that once you have your shiny new tyres set to go, you can maintain, repair and inflate them when you need to. Maxxis also manufactures a range of accessories such as floor pumps, Co2 pumps, Co2 cartridges, hand pumps and valve extenders enabling you to take care of your Maxxis tyres.

Maxxis Sponsorship

A good set of tyres is essential to good performance on the road, the mountain, and even flying through the air. Maxxis sponsors a huge number of individual cyclists across multiple disciplines, and works closely with those riders in the development of new and innovative products.

Australian BMX riding legend Caroline Buchanan swears by Maxxis tyres to keep her rubber side down in world championship events.

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