Merida Cycling products


Merida Cycling Products


The syllables Me-ri-da, weren’t chosen randomly by Merida Industry Co. Ltd. Founder Ike Tseng. The translation is representative of the “ manufacture only beautiful and high-quality products enabling anyone to reach her or his destination as pleasantly as possible.”

Ike Tseng began manufacturing bikes in Taiwan in 1972 after reading a sign on a US bike shop door that said they would not repair bikes made in Taiwan because they were of such poor quality. Ike Tseng then set the task for himself to make high quality cycling products made in Taiwan.

The company initially based their own manufacturing facilities off of Raleigh’s as they were building Raleigh Bikes for the States.

Merida currently manufactures bikes in Taiwan, China and Germany, while the design and engineering process is performed in Germany.

As of 2001, Merida owns 49% of Specialized, while Mike Sinyard, the founder remains majority shareholder.

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Merida Bike Products

Merida specialises in bike manufacturing, creating a range of models suited to riders across all age groups within each riding discipline. Merida produces road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, commuters, kid’s bikes and cyclocross models. They work with a range of materials, from lightweight aluminium alloy, to professional grade carbon fibre which they apply to their high end racing machines such as the Scultura, Reacto and Ninety-Nine.

Merida Team Sponsorship

A huge number of professional riders and racing teams are sponsored by Merida, the most noteworthy being Lampre-Merida, supported since 2013 in events such as the Tour de France. Perhaps the most successful Merida race team is the Multivan Merida Biking Team who have been carving tracks since 2004, take out over 30 World Cup Mountain Bike wins and also alighting the gold and silver tiers at the Olympic Games. It’s the kind of professional input direct from their riders that trickles down to you, Merida making sure to use that feedback in the development process of all of their products.