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Merida Cycling products


First established in 1972 by Ike Tseng as a bicycle production plant, Merida was launched as a stand-alone brand in 1988 following sharp increases in popularity, quality, and reliability of bikes being produced at the brand’s Taiwanese factory.

Each bicycle in the Merida line-up utilises meticulous German engineering, with engineers routinely working hands-on with the team in Taiwan to ensure the innovations made in the research and development phase are effectively implemented during manufacturing. Over 25 years and millions of bicycles down the road, it’s this commitment to quality and value that has seen Merida grow into one of the largest producers of bicycles in the world.

Cutting Edge Manufacturing

Merida employs cutting-edge manufacturing techniques across its range of bikes, such as hydroforming aluminium frames, one of the first major manufacturers to do so. Hydroforming is where aluminium tubing is placed into a mould and then high-pressure pumps are used to force the aluminium into the shape of the mould, creating a frame that provides stiffness without the need for additional reinforcement or extra material.

Merida also uses a range of high-quality materials for its bicycles and components including nano matrix carbon, which utilises resin infused with nanoparticles to improve the impact resistance of its carbon frames.


Some key technologies innovated by Merida include M.O.R.E suspension, a single pivot suspension mount which ensures consistent performance of full suspension frames regardless of size. Flex stay, uniquely designed seat and chainstays that absorb surface bumps and reduce vibrations are more examples of how the Taiwanese brand utilises key technologies.

Range of Products

Best known for its extensive range of quality bicycles, Merida offer ride options to suit all disciplines and ability levels. To learn more about the vast range on offer, head on over to our dedicated Merida bikes page.