Norco Cycling products


Norco Bicycles

As of 2014, Norco has been producing bikes for 50 years. In half a century they have managed to do some pretty incredible things for the cycling world.

Founded in 1964 by Bert Lewis, Norco Bicycles has stayed true to a very simple vision from the start: “build better bikes.” The tale is a veritable rags to riches story; Bert originally working out of a converted chicken coop in British Columbia. Today, Norco has over a 125 bike products in their line-up and that is sure to grow even more.

Norco Innovation

One of the first bike companies in Canada to produce ten speed bikes, Norco has established itself within the many disciplines, notably boosting the profile of BMX when they decided to sponsor their first factory team in ’81. They kept pushing the boundaries over the year being also one of the first companies to mount front suspension onto mountain bike forks, and this was at a time when the idea of riding a bike over rocky terrain seemed like it would never catch on.

Norco Range of Products

With over 125 models to choose from, no matter what type of riding you enjoy, there is most definitely a Norco bike to fit you to a tee.

Norco currently focus their manufacturing efforts on bikes for all terrain types: from the road, to the mountain; cyclocross track machines to the city commuter…and they are still making elite BMX bikes for the freestyle inclined rider.

Norco Rider Sponsorship

For over 30 years, Norco has had a consistent line-up of talented Canadian riders riding under the flag Norco Factory Team. The team focuses on cross-country events, but individual riders are often successful competitors in downhill, road and cyclocross racing disciplines.