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Northwave Cycling products


Northwave Cycling Products for Sale

Northwave is a preeminent brand in manufacturing exclusive cycling road, mountain bike and triathlon shoes. In the early 1980’s, Gianni Piva established Northwave Co. with the sole purpose to produce innovative snow boots and equipment.

It wasn’t until the 90’s that Northwave manufactured its first MTB cycling shoe. Red and yellow in colour, the new MTB shoe replicated the Northwave logo with its iconic colours. In 1995, the first road cycling shoe was created which Mario Cipollini would later ride to victory in, at the 1996 Italian Championships.

Originally being manufactured in Italy, only recently production of Northwave shoes was moved to Asia to reduce costs. However all research, development and design are still completed at the headquarters in Treviso, Italy. Gianni still believes that the perfect product is “based around passion and Italian” design.

Innovation and Technology

Northwave consistently pushes the boundaries with ground-breaking technologies in its shoes. The evolution shoe was one of Northwave’s most innovative products. This shoe was based on the ability to adapt to the three most popular pedals of that era: Look, Shimano and Time.

In 2008, Northwave created the world’s first carbon and wood integrated sole. Years of research and development lead Northwave to use these two materials, aimed at creating the perfect shoe. The carbon layer increases the rigidity of the sole while reducing the overall weight and the wood layer absorbs vibrations, adding to the overall comfort of the shoe.

No matter what the type of shoe, may it be for mountain biking, road, triathlon or touring, each shoe is created around 4 main objectives: performance, lightness, breathability and aerodynamics. Northwave has designed a cycling shoe to meet “the specific needs of every rider”.

Range of Northwave Cycling Products on BikeExchange

Northwave has based most of its manufacturing efforts in creating cycling shoes. Designing and producing high-performance products made out the most innovative materials and technology suited to all disciplines of cycling.

Since 2002, Northwave has produced a full clothing range including bib knicks, jerseys, socks and other accessories, which are still in production today.

Northwave Sponsorship

Northwave supports a number of professional and amateur cycling teams across the globe. These partnerships allow Northwave to get the necessary professional feedback, to ensure that the products have a competitive edge

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