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Founded in 1963 by Howard Hawkins and Art Engstrom, Park Tool first entered the world of cycling tools back in late 1970’s by creating its first bicycle stand from a table, and an old 37’ Ford front axle.

Following refining of the product and bringing the bike stand to market, Park Tool applied for, and received a patent for its clamping device in 1976. Today, such a design is incorporated into just about all modern bikes stands found in bicycle workshops across the globe.

Following the success of the bike stand, the business began introducing other tools including wheel truing stands and consumer tools to its product line.

A Commitment to Innovation

Since the recruitment of current CEO and son of Howard, Eric Hawkins, Park Tool has been committed to the simple, yet lofty goal of “building the best bicycle tools in the world”.

With headquarters in Minnesota, U.S.A, Park Tool designs, manufactures, markets and distributes the majority of its cycling tools and accessories in-house.

In the ever changing and evolving world of bicycle tech, Park Tool is continually innovating, introducing, on average, fifteen to twenty new products to its enormous catalogue per year. This catalogue today features over 400 cycling tools and accessories available to suit just about every bicycle maintenance and servicing application.

Park Tool products can be easily identified by the iconic blue colour incorporated into the design of each tool, a registered trademark of the Park Tool Co (applies in the United States only).

Tools and Cycling Products

Park Tool boasts the largest range of bicycle tools and maintenance equipment on the market. The vast and varied range includes bike tools to suit any job, cleaning products, bike lubricants, pumps & C02 cartridges, as well as the brands market leading range of workstands.

Looking for Service Advice?

Head over to our editorial section, where you’ll find helpful advice on how to perform common maintenance tasks. Such as replacing a chain, swapping a cassette and fixing a flat tyre.

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