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Redline Cycling products


Like all good company’s Redline was founded in a garage in 1970, by two guys with a shared love for motorbikes and welding. This common interest originally saw Redline lightweight motorcycle frames and swingarms. In 1973 founders Linn Kastan and Mike Konle began to notice the rapid growth of a newly formed sport by the name of bicycle motorcross.

An early adopter of this radical new sport, Kastan went on to weld a bike frame for his son, who would go onto race this bike under his father's company name, Redline. The bike was noticed by a local bike shop who challenged Kastan to come up with a stronger and lighter fork specifically for 20 inch BMX racing. Not one to back away from a challenge, Kastan accepted and in February 1974 the first sets of tubular Chromoly forks were being produced.

The forks were a hit with the BMX crowd and quickly became a favorite amongst racers of the time. Later that year Redline would release its first Chromoly frame, the Squareback. In the following years, Redline would bring several innovations to the world of BMX including tube butting, double clamped stems, as well as the revolutionary Flight range of tubular Chromoly cranks.

Redline Bicycles

Redlines have a long history in BMX bikes, the present product line is a testament to that and has seen the American company return to its roots. Head on over to our dedicated page for more information.