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Rocky Mountain Cycling products


Rocky Mountain Cycling Products

Established in 1981, Rocky Mountain is best known for its mountain bike range and involvement in the sport of mountain biking. The company initially was a distributor, distributing Ritchey mountain bikes to a handful of shops across Canada. By 1984, Rocky Mountain was making its own frames, diving head first into the cycling industry. Over the next decade, Rocky Mountain Bicycles established itself and expanded globally, growing into the world renowned company they are today.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, the company takes its name from the mountain range which dominates the landscape around its home in British Columbia. This is a match made in heaven, with the mountain range serving as the perfect place to develop its stellar line-up of mountain bikes, with an abundance of trails lying at the Canadian company’s hilly doorstep.

Innovation & Technology

Rocky Mountain is a company proud of the emphasis they put into the research and development of new technologies and products. With its development facility a short pedal from Vancouver’s North Shore mountain range, the company have developed a number of innovative refinements to its range. Size specific suspension tuning and its trademarked Smoothlink suspension are two such examples. Both work to reduce bobbing under pedal load, giving Rocky Mountain bikes a consistently smooth and supple ride no matter the bike size.

Frame quality is another area where the Canadian company’s commitment to quality shines through. Firmly against down specing, or dumbing down its frames to reach a price point within a given bike platform — the same carbon or aluminum materials in top-of-the-line models are found in more economical models through the range, giving riders of all abilities access to the same, innovative high quality frames Rocky Mountain bikes are known for.

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