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Santa Cruz Cycling products


Santa Cruz, the company

From its humble beginnings in Seabright Cannery, Santa Cruz California, the Santa Cruz bicycle company has grown to become one of the leading mountain bike brands in the world. By focusing on creating high quality bicycles, the Santa Cruz brand has become renown for creating race winning bikes that are also great fun to ride.

Starting Santa Cruz off after its creation in 1993 was the Tazmon. A single-pivot, dual suspension bicycle that set the standard for many Santa Cruz bikes to come. Embodying the ethos of ‘simply advanced’, the Tazmon was a bicycle Santa Cruz built the way they wanted it. From there they built up their brand, but continued the approach of doing things their way to better build bikes for the people.

Today their range includes 10 core bikes that each represent a different off-road riding genre. Built with riding input from the hugely successful Santa Cruz Syndicate downhill team and designed by a passionate group of experts, the Santa Cruz line, while not vast, is very focused on being the best.

Santa Cruz, the technology

Santa Cruz bicycles carry some of the leading technologies in the bike industry. With years of experience, the design teams have created a constant stream of award and race winning bikes. Their pursuit to create the perfect bike has led to the development and refinement of technology such as the VPP suspension linkage system.

Standing for Virtual Pivot Point, the VPP system is a Santa Cruz patented design that is highly adaptable to different wheel sizes and different riding characteristics. From downhill to enduro and out on the trails, the VPP system is tuned to create the very best riding experience. As Santa Cruz says, “We don’t need to come up with new suspension gimmicks each year. We just keep refining our winning one.”

In addition to their VPP system, Santa Cruz have developed and refined their use of carbon fibre. By working with their exclusive manufacturing partner, they have developed carbon frames that carry the Santa Cruz strength and stiffness into a more cost effective package. Along with their cost-effective framesets, Santa Cruz still produce their high quality ‘CC’ carbon models that exemplify the very best that Santa Cruz offers.

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Santa Cruz, the bikes

All 10 models through the Santa Cruz bike stable carry the Santa Cruz badge and the renowned Santa Cruz quality. Under the control of the Santa Cruz Syndicate and its riders, the Santa Cruz V10 downhill bike has set the trend for all those to come. With world championship medals and series titles in its bag of accolades, the V10 is as successful as they come in downhill circles.

Stemming from the V10’s success is a knowledge of how to build a bike that cannot only win a race, but also deliver an unparalleled ride experience. The enduro-focused, 165mm Nomad range carries this Santa Cruz tradition proudly into the biggest drops and rocks of the Enduro World Series. If you’re moving away from the groomed trails of a bike park, the Santa Cruz 5010 could be the model for you. With 130mm of VPP travel, the 5010 can take you out into the back country and tackle the unexpected.

If you’re interested in speed up the mountain as well as down, then the 100mm Highball 29er hardtail or Stigmata cyclocross bike could be an option. Whatever your preference, each model range has various options to cater for each price point. A ‘CC’ model bike is the top of the range with the highest quality carbon used. The ‘C’ models use the more cost-effective carbon while a model without ‘C’ or ‘CC’ is an aluminium frame. Each model has different build kits available that each utilise various components to cater for different price points.

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