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Scott Cycling products


Scott Cycling Products

Scott started with an invention and hasn’t stopped innovating since. In 1958, Ed Scott a skier and engineer from Idaho invented the first aluminium ski pole which changed the way ski technology would be produced from that point forward. Up until then, poles had been constructed from the likes of bamboo and steel. Bamboo wasn’t strong enough and steel was too heavy: strong, lightweight aluminium solved this problem.

Scott Cycling Innovation

The engineering and manufacturing techniques that Scott developed in the production of skiing and motocross equipment transferred effectively into the cycling business; Scott kicking up dirt with the production of their first mountain bike in 1986. Three years later, Greg Lemond took out one of the most famous Tours in history, beating Laurent Fignon by 58 seconds in the final time trial to win the 1989 Tour de France by just 8 seconds. Lemond was using the world’s first clip-on aero bars, designed and manufactured by Scott.

In ’91, Scott began producing their first line of mountain bike suspension systems they called ‘Unishock’, and a year later released their first full suspension mountain bike to the world.

Throughout the following decade, Scott continued to develop and produce cycling products that pushed the boundaries of what was achievable in terms of lightness and aerodynamics. They have been responsible for producing the lightest full suspension mountain bike in the world as of 2007, and have recently released their range of high performance e-bikes in 2011 for a growing worldwide market of commuters and competitive riders.

Scott Product Range

Scott have grown since they produced their first mountain bike to develop complete line of cycling products, from bikes, to helmets; clothing, accessories and components. Scott decks out competitive racing teams in both road cycling and mountain biking disciplines, working with the best to deliver the best products.

Scott doesn’t just focus on the elite, however, they consistently produce a full line of products suited to all types of riders out there. Whether you are looking to get your kid their first bike, you are a dedicated commuter or you like the idea of an e-bike system, Scott has a product to get you in the saddle.

Scott Racing Sponsorship

Working closely with elite athletes means that Scott have the best test subjects in the world to gain insight from into what work and what doesn’t out on the track, the road and the trail. That insight leads to the development of new high end products, the base technology of which trickles down through their entire line of products over time.

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