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Shimano Cycling products


The Shimano name

The Shimano name is labelled across many product markets ranging from fishing to cycling. Whether it’s pulling in a seabass from the ocean or changing gears on a bicycle up Mont Ventoux in the Tour De France, Shimano’s quality and reliability is there to make sure you get the job done.

The Japanese company is based out of Sakai City Osaka, Japan, and has been so since its founding in 1921 by Shozaburo Shimano. From its small beginnings, the Shimano company has been at the forefront of the bicycle component game. Their early range of components included the external speed changers of the 1950s, and something that sounds straight out of a transformers movie, the Positron. This was a system that used Shimano’s indexing shifting mechanism and lead the way for Shimano’s famously reliable groupsets seen today.

From Shimano’s outset, high quality and reliability have been the driving factors behind their continued approach to bicycle products. This is echoed by the current president, Yozo Shimano, who speaks of a future in which Shimano will continue supplying people with “captivating products” that will allow future generations to experience nature, and do it with that reassuring clunk of a reliable Shimano gear change.

Shimano cycling products

Shimano’s cycling products are renowned for their reliability and innovation. The Shimano lines of groupsets on the road and dirt are perfect examples of this continued pursuit of excellence. Shimano’s product lines can be viewed as a stream with features in higher end models ‘trickling’ down into lower end models. A prime example of this is a feature such as DI2, which is Shimano’s electronic shifting, first seen in their top-end Dura Ace road cycling group set and has now ‘trickled’ down to feature in their second-tier Ultegra range.

Components include

Road Components

Shimano’s road cycling range is extremely popular and can be seen on the bikes of the Tour De France winners and weekend warriors alike. Their road groupsets encompass a wide range that include:

  • Dura Ace
  • Ultegra
  • 105
  • Tiagra
  • Sora
  • Claris

Dura Ace is the top of the range and is designed with performance in mind. Ultegra and 105 are the more budget friendly options but still carry some features from the Dura Ace line. Read our complete guide to road bike groupsets for more information on the range.

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Mountain Bike Components

Mountain biking is tough on equipment and Shimano’s quality and reliable products are just what you need to keep you on the trails. Just as in the road line, a trickle down of technology can be seen through the range, which includes:

  • XTR
  • SLX

XTR is the leading groupset in the mountain bike line-up and is trusted by top racers in Australia and around the world to get them across the line. Deore XT and SLX are the budget friendly options with Deore XT a very popular option for riders.

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The Shimano mountain bike range also includes a gravity line for downhill and enduro riding. These models include:

  • Saint
  • ZEE
  • DXR

Lifestyle gear

The Shimano Lifestyle gear provides the final touch to completing an all-encompassing Shimano range and includes:

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