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SRAM Cycling products


SRAM Cycling Products

Founded in 1987, SRAM is a bicycle components manufacturer based out of the United States. An acronym for the names of the key founders, SRAM was originally established to manufacture and develop a range of mountain bike gear shifters. Following the American company’s original success, the product range has slowly expanded to a full line of drivetrain, suspension and brake components along with high-end, performance wheelsets.

As a business priding itself on innovation, the American company has made a number of favourable acquisitions over its existence, all with a view to provide consumers with a complete and holistic range of cycling components. Today, SRAM owns a number of global brands, including Quarq, Zipp, RockShox, Avid and Truvativ.

Range of Components

SRAM offers a range of specific [groupset] options for road, mountain and urban bikes, at multiple different performance levels. The product line-up is also highly interchangeable through each category, perfect for those replacing parts for maintenance or wanting to incrementally upgrade a groupset.


SRAM is the one of the world’s most progressive brands for mountain bike components, continually innovating and offering an extensive range of groupset options. As an example, SRAM were first to bring 2x10 drivetrain to the masses, and then just a few years later, were the first to produce a 1x11 drivetrain.

Today, SRAM’s latest innovations is seen with its XX1 Eagle groupset, a high performing 12-speed groupset that does away with a front derailleur making it considerably lighter than competitors 2x systems and features a huge gear range with the help of a 10-50T cassette. The groupsets then move down through the pecking order, with the latest GX Eagle proving that SRAM are not shy to quickly trickle down its premium technologies to the masses.

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SRAM has a range of road groupset options catering to all build specifications from entry-level through to offerings used at the WorldTour level.

RED eTap, a wireless electronic groupset is positioned as the premier option in the line up, offering high performance at the most elite level.

Positioned just below, Red 22, is regarded as the lightest complete groupset on the market and shares a lot of the premium build quality found in eTap. Force 22 is next in line, before moving down through to Rival and then to the entry-level option known as Apex.

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