Thule Cycling products


What are Thule products used for?

Heading outdoors and getting active is a great way to spend a weekend or holiday away. Whatever your adventure, you are probably going to need a way to transport some equipment. Thule’s range of accessories have been designed to help with this in a safe, secure and stylish manner.

Thule products for sale

BikeExchange has a large range of Thule’s cycling products available. Their bike carries are very popular, as are their rooftop mounted travel boxes for your standard travel luggage. Bike carriers and travel boxes are extremely useful as they free up room inside the vehicle allowing you to either carry more luggage or passengers.

Thule also produce premium quality child carriers and seats that attach to adult's bikes. Additional bike accessories are available from Thule including their patented Pack ‘n Pedal range of bicycle racks that attach to the bike and can carry Thule’s multi-purpose ‘panniers’, or travel bags.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a transport accessory with the type of vehicle you own being the most important. Not all racks and carriers are compatible with all cars so you will need to check before purchasing.

Roof Racks

Thule’s roof racks or cross bars, which are what the roof mounted bike racks and boxes fit to, are specifically designed to work with certain vehicles and you will need to check that your vehicle is compatible with the accessory before purchasing. Consult your local Thule dealer for specifics.

Roof mounted bike carriers

Roof mounted bike carriers attach to the vehicle via roof racks and typically require you to lift the bike on top of the vehicle to attach. Some models such as the ‘Sprint’ and ‘ThruRide’ models require the front wheel to be off the bike before attaching the bike to the carrier, while others like the ProRide 598 range can hold a complete bike.

Rear mounted bike racks

Two common methods of mounting rear bike racks include:

Tow bar mounted

Tow bar mounted bike racks require a tow bar or tow ball and can hold multiple bikes. They are also typically the lowest to the ground and don’t require bikes to be lifted as far as other carrying methods. Popular Thule models include the Euro Classic range and the Velo Compact range.


The ClipOn and G2 range of mounted bike racks strap to the rear of the car and do not require a tow bar, although they are not compatible with all vehicles. They can typically carry multiple bikes and similarly to the tow bar mounted carriers, they are lower to the ground than rooftop mounted carriers.