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Tioga Cycling products


Tioga Cycling Products

The perfect ride requires more than you and your bike. US manufacturer Tioga aims to enhance your ride with their range cycling accessories, components, tyres and tubes.

Tioga aims to do this by creating what they call, ‘Futuristic Classic’ products that combine elements of successful products with new and exciting innovations that at first might seem at odds with one another: light with dark; classical with futuristic; fluidity with rigidity – the end result they believe is something new and unique that out performs the classic design elements on their own.

Tioga Range of Cycling Products

Tioga’s product range extends across many different types of cycling including road, mountain, BMX and commuting. Products are designed to augment your riding experience: Tioga specialises in quality accessories such as:

Tioga also develops and manufactures their own range of quality cycling components, most notably their range of high performance saddles. Tioga has your back out on the road: with a pair of Tioga tubes on hand you can fix a flat in no time, whether you are running schrader or presta valves.

Wrap it all up in a fresh set of Tioga tyres to get the grip you need no matter what riding surface you spend most of your time on whether its sealed roads, or the rocky trails of the back country.

A Huge Range at

At BikeExchange’s massive online marketplace, you’ll find products from across Tioga’s line advertised by a number of retailers and private sellers. Using our sophisticated search engine you can browse products by categories such as price, colour, and gender with the click of a button, saving you time in your search for the perfect addition to your ride.

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