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Topeak Cycling products


Topeak Cycling Products

Back in 1991, mountain biking was taking over the world as the latest extreme sports craze. Manufacturers were producing new and exciting technologies that could handle the rocks and bumps of high speed off-road riding, and there was a growing need for a range of accessories to cater to the maintenance of those products, and to work closely with the bike and the rider to help make the whole riding experience more enjoyable.

Enter Topeak, a Taiwanese company that sought to supply the demand for innovative cycling products and accessories and continues to do so today.

Topeak does not manufacture products themselves, rather they handle the design process and outsource to a number of companies in China and Taiwan, freeing up time and resources to spend them on such innovative products as the original Survival Gear Box which carries 17 tools and mounts easily to any tube on your bike with the quick clip system.

Products for Every Type of Rider

Topeak has grown and evolved over the years, now designing and producing a huge range of products from accessories to components and tools suitable for use by road riders, commuters, BMX riders, junior riders and anyone else who enjoys getting around on two wheels.

Topeak Innovation

Company President Louis Chuang once said, “I’m a dreamer. I’m not a designer. I’m a dreamer.” Topeak has won countless awards for their innovative line of products. The Transformer X, a bike pump that also acts as a support stand while pumping or while performing maintenance on your bike took out the Eurobike Gold Award in 2014 and the 2015 Red Dot Award.

Topeak are always looking for ways to integrate products into your overall cycling setup, minimising on space; maximising functionality.

Topeak's ALiEN tool has set the bench mark for cycling mutli-tools; lightweight, compact and with enough tools to perform more than your average roadside maintenance, the ALiEN is one of the products that earned Topeak its reputation.

The iGlowCageB turns your clear water bottle into an effective lamp, projecting an LED glow illuminating your ride and making you visible to motorists at night.

Topeak Accessories

The range of Topeak accessories has grown and grown, making them one of the top suppliers, not only to the growing global community of cyclists, but also to the top percentile of elite cyclists competing at the UCI Grand Tour events. Bags, pumps, cycle computers, tools, mud guards and bottle cages; just a few of the categories Topeak Specialises in.

Topeak Components

Accessories are one thing, but Topeak has gone even further, designing a range of unique components that work in conjunction with road bikes, mountain bikes, commuters and cruisers. The Topeak Allay Racing Saddle features an integrated inflatable system that can be pumped up and adjusted to suit the level of riding comfort that you desire.

Topeak Sponsorship

Cyclists competing at the highest level of international competition need accessories and components to match the demands of long, high intensity cycling events. Working with elite riders means that Topeak has the best test subjects imaginable for their products; products that are perfected for the elite, and that are then available to you.