We the People Cycling products



Founded in 1991, Cologne, Germany, WeThePeople began as a brand printing it’s logo on t-shirts as a result of frustration of the lack of BMX-focused products that existed at the time. After a successful 5 years of creating a range of popular clothing, the German brand established itself as a bike manufacturer to meet the demand that existed in the German cycling market for a small rider owned and operated bike company.

By 1999 the brand had expanded from bikes to include accessories and had gained a loyal following through Europe. Through the early 2000’s, on the back of tireless work and persistence from founders Stephan Prantl, Harry Schmid and Klaus Dyba, WeThePeople became the first German BMX brand to enjoy global appeal, following a successful expansion into Asia and the US.

Today, the company continues to reflect the values of its founders through its range of cycling products; functionality and quality. The German brand is revered in the BMX industry on the back of its meticulously engineered and crafted frames and accessories, lauded for their strength, agility and lightweight nature.

WeThePeople Cycling Products

Most well known for its range of freestyle BMX bikes, the WeThePeople product line up is vast and suits a range of riding disciplines and wheel size preferences. So regardless of whether you're seeking out trail for dirt jumping, railing berms on a pump track, scoping lines at the skate park or hitting up flat land spots, there’s an option in the range to suit your needs and your budget.

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