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XDS Cycling products


XDS Cycling Products

If you haven’t heard of XDS bikes, that might be because they are bigger in China than they are in Australia — a lot bigger.

A relatively young bike company as far as comparisons go, XDS has grown at a rate that perhaps you wouldn’t see outside of the world’s most densely populated country. XDS claims to be the world’s largest manufacturer of carbon fibre, and has facilities that are capable of producing over 5 million bikes a year! That is a lot more people getting out and experiencing the world on two wheels.

XDS Shenzhen Xidesheng Bicycles Co., LTD (to use the official name) currently exports to over 50 countries worldwide.

To give an idea of just how large the facilities are at the XDS headquarters, think of the world’s largest carbon fibre factory, a state of the art training and UCI standard mountain bike track, all tied together into what they are calling a ‘Bicycle Eco Theme Park’.

XDS places great emphasis on reducing their carbon footprint, creating enormous spaces for visitors and employees to experience that cover over 450 acres, 45% of which are made up of gardens and trees, complete with fitness centres, a swimming pool and a football stadium.

In 2010, XDS branched out and began supplying XDS branded bikes to the Australian market so that you can benefit from their range of high-quality, lightweight and affordable bikes.

XDS is an international bike enterprise.

XDS Range of Bike Products

With the capability to produce over 5 million bikes a year, you can be certain that XDS creates bikes for every type of riding. Whether you are looking for a high-end full carbon road bike, a mountain bike that can handle the demands of intense off-road riding or a new bike for your kid, XDS has got you covered. XDS also produces a range of cycling products that fit perfectly with their bikes creating the total package, ready for any riding environment.

XDS currently produces a huge range of bikes suited to every type of rider:

  • Road bikes. With sophisticated carbon fibre and alloy manufacturing facilities, XDS works tirelessly to create a range of road bikes that cut back weight, while improving aerodynamics and rigidity.

  • Mountain bikes. When you have your own purpose built mountain bike track designed to UCI standards, it’s easy to test your product and ensure that it meets the demands of the strongest rider.

  • Urban / Commuter bikes. XDS aims to get more people out there riding bikes. Their range of commuters will have you to work in no time, all the while looking sharp.

  • Kids bikes. More people on bikes means getting them on two (or four) wheels at a young age. XDS kid's bikes are sturdy and designed to accommodate a child’s frame.

  • Cruiser / Vintage bikes. If you are more about looks than about going fast, look no further than the XDS range of vintage and cruiser style bikes.

  • Folding bikes. In a busy world, sometimes you need to be able to pack your ride up and take it with you. Folding bikes are perfect for the commuter who uses a combination of road riding and public transport to get to work.

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