Zipp Cycling products


Zipp Cycling Products

Ever since ex-Williams F1 race engineer Leigh Sargent unveiled his first carbon wheel in 1988, the Zipp 900, Zipp Speed Weaponry have pushed the boundaries of performance and what cyclists can achieve from the range of wheelsets and components.

Zipp Speed Weaponry is designed and manufactured right within the heart of American motor racing in Indianapolis. Joining a strong line-up of subsidiaries under the SRAM umbrella, Zipp continues to produce high-performance wheels and bicycle components, with a strong emphasis on those made from high-grade carbon-composite materials for maximum performance.

Zipp Wheels

Available in a range of materials, rim depths, and widths, Zipp wheels are among the most desired rolling stock on offer in the industry. Designed using computational fluid dynamics and rigorous wind tunnel testing during the R&D process, they often set aerodynamic benchmarks.

Seamlessly combining wind-cheating aerodynamics, the Zipp 454 NSW wheelset is the American brand's premium offering to the cycling world. Taking queues from mother nature and melding that with some serious R&D, Zipp continues to establish itself at the forefront of innovation and design when it comes to lightweight, high-performance wheels.

Zipp also develops and produces a range of performance orientated tyres to accompany its wheels. Designed with low rolling resistance in mind for maximum performance, the range of tyres includes options for both clincher and tubular wheelsets.

Zipp Components

With one of the world’s most advanced carbon-fibre manufacturing facilities, Zipp has naturally expanded its product range from wheels to include a line of cycling components and accessories.

The range of components caters to all key contact points including; Handlebars, Seat Posts and Stems. Manufacturing carbon fibre and aluminium options, Zipp components are a go-to choice for recreational riders, professionals, and bike fitters the world over thanks to the precision, rigidity, compliance, and ergonomics offered throughout the range.

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