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14" Kids Bikes


14 inch Kids Bikes for Sale

Whilst much of the bike industry keep to the wheel sizes of 12, 16, 20 and 24 inch for kids bikes, some brands, such as Byk, skip the industry's more common 12in size in favour of a larger 14in wheel. A larger wheel will typically offer greater stability, a smoother ride and increased speed. Much like 12in kids bikes, 14in bikes will usually feature similar accessories, colour options, a coaster rear brake and training wheels as standard.

If considering a 14in kids bike, ensure your child is tall enough to manage the larger wheel size.

12 inch v 14 inch Kids Bikes

“Should I get my child a 12” or 14” bike to start with?” Where 12” kids bikes are recommended for children between 85 to 100cm in height, 14” bikes are designed for children between 95 and 110cm in height. With little height difference between the two, much of this choice is likely to be decided by your budget and brand preferences.

Other options

At BikeExchange, we're big fans of teaching children to ride with a balance bike before transitioning to a traditional kids pedal bike. A balance bike is well suited to children between the heights of 85-110cm and by the time they've mastered it, they'll likely be ready for a 16” or larger wheeled pedal bike. See our range of balance bikes

Unsure which size bike is best for your child? Head back to our kids bike infographic for a look at other sized children's bikes.