20" Kids Bikes


20" Kids Bikes for Sale

BikeExchange offers a wide variety of 20in kids bikes that are sold through respected retailers across Australia. The benefit of buying a bike through one of our retailers is that you can be sure it's built with safety and ease of use in mind.

Types of 20" Kids Bikes

Just like with adults bikes, there are a number of bike styles available to children at this age. The two most common are the mountain bike and BMX. A third option is the road bike.

20inch Kids Mountain Bikes

Just like an adult's bike, a 20inch mountain bike will typically feature multiple gears and perhaps even suspension.

Where gears are present, they'll typically be limited so as not to overwhelm a developing child with the complications of gears. Instead, these bikes will generally feature a single shifter to control the gears at the back. Some bikes will use an internal geared hub for ease of maintenance; however, these will typically only offer two-three gears and carry extra weight. More commonly, 20inch kids mountain bikes will feature a derailleur to shift between six to eight gears.

If your child will be riding off road then front suspension may be a nice feature. The suspension is there to absorb shock and help retain control. Just ensure the suspension does move under your child's weight and that it's not there for show. Other brands choose to avoid suspension as it adds unnecessary cost and weight to the bike.

Some of the cheaper options may feature rear suspension too, and although it may look cool, we would advise against it. Rear suspension at a low price point is typically for show and will only add weight and weak points to the bike.

20inch Kids BMX Bikes

Standing for 'Bicycle MotorCross', BMX bikes are a popular choice due to their simplistic design and rugged nature. BMX bikes typically offer only a single gear.

Some cheaper kids-specific BMX bikes will feature a coaster rear brake (pedal brake) and a hand-operated front brake. These bikes are designed with flat terrain and relatively smooth surfaces in mind.

Spend a little more and you'll likely be looking at a regular BMX bike. Adult BMX bikes typically feature 20inch wheels and so they may prove a suitable option to last a number of years. These bikes will feature a single gear, hand-operated brakes and a tough construction. Some BMX bikes are designed for BMX Racing, while others are built for doing stunts and tricks - with the latter being the more common choice for general use.

BMX bikes are not ideal for long distance rides or for covering bumpy off-road terrain. This is due to the low seat height, upright handlebar position and single gear.

20inch KIds Road Bikes

A rather new category, 20inch kids road bikes are miniature versions of an adult road bike. They feature drop handlebars, skinny slick tyres and gearing suited to a higher average speed on the road. This style of bike is for specific use on smooth tarmac and so is more limited than other bike styles. Still, if your child has road racing ambitions or you're just looking to take them on your favourite road ride loop or charity ride, then this could be a perfect choice.