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24" Kids Bikes


Types of 24 inch Kids Bikes for Sale

24in kids bikes are suitable for children ranging in height from 135 to 145cms tall and are often the largest size available in most kids ranges. Available in frame & colour options to suit girls and boys, the most common styles of 24in kids bikes are mountain bikes and road bikes, however there are BMX and vintage cruiser options also available.

24 inch Mountain Bikes & Fat Bikes 24in mountain bikes and fat bikes will typically feature components similar to adults bikes such as multiple gears, disc or rim brakes as well as suspension. Component wise, these bikes will generally feature entry-level adult components. ‘

At this size, you start to see options of 21 and 24-speed gears become available. Other brands will keep things simpler, offering just seven or eight rear gears only. Depending on how hilly the local terrain is will decide on what’s best.

Suspension options help retain control and absorb shock, however, some brands will choose to avoid suspension as it can add unnecessary cost and weight. Most 24in kids mountain bikes will feature front suspension, otherwise known as a hardtail. Rear suspension is available too, but the additional complexity comes with a frightening price increase and weight gain – if a bike is cheap and offers dual suspension, you’re best to avoid it.

24 inch Road Bikes 24in kids road bikes are miniature versions of an adult road bike. Featuring drop handlebars and skinny slick tyres, they are geared to suit higher average speeds on the road. Road bikes are for specific use on road, so if your child has road racing ambitions or you're just looking to take them on your favourite road ride loop or charity ride, this could be a perfect choice.

Unsure which size bike is best for your child? Head back to our kids bike infographic for a look at other sized children's bikes.