24" Kids Bikes


24-inch boys and girls bikes are the largest size in childrens’ ranges and are the last stepping stone before an adult bike. The features such as suspension, gears and dual hand brakes have them become more accustomed to riding what an adults bike offers. 24 inch bikes can come in different styles, with some resembling cruiser and city like bikes, smaller versions of road bikes and your standard suspension mountain bike.

BikeExchange has over 30 different brands of 24’’ bikes to choose from and over 700 individual bikes with almost every colour and style possible, it is without question that we have the perfect bike for your child.

Some of the major brands which produce affordable and high quality 24 inch bikes include, Giant, Trek and BYK.

Sizing a 24 inch Kids Bike

A 24 inch bike is the next step up in size from a 20 or 22 inch bike, and riding too small a bike can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing for a child. A general age recommendation to ride a 24in bike is between 8-11 years old, but this is more dependent on height with a rough range of 135-145cm. It is recommended to size up to an adults bike beyond 145cm.