26" Mountain Bikes


26" Hardtail Mountain Bikes

26" Hardtail bikes are great all rounder bikes that are well-suited to both on and off road conditions, the main feature of the bikes is the front fork suspension which results in a smoother, more comfortable ride. The name "hardtail" refers to rigid rear triangle of the bike. Hardtails may also loosely be referred to as single suspension mountain bikes.

The main features of 26" hard tail mountain bikes are:

  • Smoother ride vs rigid frame bicycles
  • Great all rounders
  • Greater pedalling power translation vs dual suspension bikes
  • Offer better components and lower weight compared to equal priced dual suspension bikes
  • Offer the best option if on a tight budget
  • Wide range of manufacturers and models in the market

The hardtail variant of the mountain bike is the most common type of mountain bike seen today by in large due to its lower entry price point. Recent years has seen the 26" variant of the hardtail mountain bike phased out in favor of its slightly larger-wheeled 27.5" and 29er hardtail cousins. The benefit of the move towards larger wheel sizes means that most 26" hardtail mountain bikes are readily affordable and make great entry level bikes to the cross country mountain biking discipline.

The 26" hardtail remains the top choice for those looking to do street, dirt jump or other types of 'freestyle' mountain biking.