Giant 27.5" Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes


Giant 27.5 Dual Suspension Overview

In 2014, Giant fully committed to the 27.5-wheel size by overhauling the majority of its range to the middle size wheel. Giant firmly believed that the 27.5 was the way forward for the mountain bike industry and if you stop and take a quick look at the bikes flying around your local trails, it appears many riders agree. The 27.5 has firmly established itself as a wheel size for any rider, of any ability and Giant have led the way when it comes to the production of dual suspension 27.5 mountain bikes.

The Giant Range

Giant offer five ranges from which to choose from when searching for 27.5 dual suspension bikes. All ranges except for the Stance offer the choice between ALUXX aluminium or ‘Advanced’ carbon frames. The latter sits at a more premium price point but offers reduced weight and improved stiffness.

Giant Stance

The Giant Stance serves as an entry-level full suspension bike that delivers on the trails for an enjoyable ride out on the trails. Giant’s ALUXX frame technology paired with the 27.5-wheel size and 120mm of suspension travel, it’s a great do-it-all trail bike for those who are after a dual suspension bike on a budget.

Giant Anthem

If you’re after the cumulative benefit of a mountain bike that goes up just as fast as it heads down, then the Anthem should be on your radar. There are numerous models Giant produces under the Anthem title, but fast cross country and trail riding is the common theme. Note: Giant also produce models of the Giant Anthem in 29” wheel size.

Giant Trance

Sitting squarely as a ‘Trail’ bike, the Trance offers the greatest amount of versatility when it comes to Giant’s 27.5 full suspension range. The Trance is all about feeling confident, comfortable and efficient. The Trance is once again a bike for ascending and descending but it is the latter where the Trance is really allowed to shine. Situated in between the XC oriented Anthem and the purebred enduro machine that is the Reign, the Trance is a safe bet if you seek a mountain bike to tackle a variety of trails without the desire to race.

Giant Reign

Designed, tested and honed for the robust trails faced by the Giant Factory Off-Road Team on the Enduro World Series has resulted in the Giant Reign being one of the most aggressive and lightweight all-mountain and Enduro bikes on the market.

Giant Glory

The Giant Glory is the sole member of the downhill corner of Giant’s 27.5 dual suspension range. Confidence is a must for DH racing and the Giant Glory delivers with tried and tested geometry that brings out the best of the 27.5 wheels underneath this stead.

Advantages of the Giant 27.5 Dual Suspension Range

Wheel-size choice is an on-going debate and nothing can ever top testing out bikes and wheel sizes before making the purchase. Be sure to read more about 27.5 dual suspension mountain bikes here.

For 2017, Giant has revamped its popular Anthem and Trance ranges. Trail riding is surging and as a result, more and more bikes are coming out of production from Giant that cater for this.