29er Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes


Understanding 29er Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

First off, a 29" dual suspension or full suspension mountain bike refers to both the wheel size and the front and rear suspension of a mountain bike. A 29er wheel is the largest size of wheel commonly available in the mountain bike industry. These big wheels have a larger contact patch for the tyre, which means increased traction out on the trails and the large size means they roll very easily over trail features such as rock and roots. The large diameter of the wheels also encourages speed momentum, and make no mistake, these mountain bikes are fast! Perfect for beginners or top professionals, this bike type is fit for real trail riding.

The key thing to know with 29er dual suspension mountain bikes is that they’re available to suit a wide variety of mountain bike disciplines. Whether you’re looking to do cross country racing, general trail riding, more extreme ‘all mountain’ riding or perhaps racing enduro, there’s likely a 29er dual suspension that’s right for you.

To simplify things, the length of suspension travel a bike offers is a good indication of the type of riding it’s designed for. Typically, the longer the travel, the more focused it is on rewarding the descents and technical terrain.

See our useful infographic on our mountain bike page for an overview to the different types of mountain bikes.

Signature Features of the 29er Dual Suspension Mountain Bike


If comfort on a mountain bike needed a definition, then the 29er dual suspension bike would be found directly below it. Built to soften every bump and blow with the rear shock, the 29er will greatly benefit those who have luxury as a priority whilst on the dirt trails.


These are big wheels, and once they get going, they go fast! For racers, this is the defining aspect that makes 29er dual suspension bikes so desirable. For more casual, weekend warrior type riders, you cannot say no to a dose of top speed and adrenaline while on the way down your favourite descent or to help you scale that tough climb.

Traction and Control

A 29er dual suspension mountain bike has superior traction compared with the lesser sized wheel sized bikes available to buy. Loose, gravel-like conditions are always the number one suspect for unwanted wheel spin and front wheel washouts, this is where the 29er really steps it up over the 27.5” and 26” wheel options. The 29er dual suspension is perhaps not as nimble when compared to smaller wheels, but it typically finds other ways of shining on the trail.


Having the largest wheel size available translates to a slightly heavier bike when matched up against smaller wheel diameter mountain bikes and hardtails. The dual suspension also adds to the contributing weight but that is the price you buy for comfort and speed. Of course, if weight is important then there are options out there. BikeExchange has a large range of models ranging in price so just aim towards the heftier price tags if low bike weight is the top priority.

Advanced Technology

29er dual suspension mountain bikes aren't popular just for their excellent performance on the trails, these bikes can come with some of the best mountain bike tech going around depending on the size of your wallet. Dropper seat posts, lock-out front and rear suspension shocks, state of the art hydraulic disc brakes and with a multitude of varying gear options your bike could end up taking your breath away every time you look at it.

Popular 29er Dual Suspension Brands

BikeExchange is home to everything bike and we are proud to have the top brands available to purchase, below is a quick-fire list the assist your search for the ideal mountain bike:

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