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Defining a 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike

There’s a saying that less is more, well tell that to the 29er hardtail because big wheels have never looked so good. It’s not just a good-looking bike either, 29er hardtail mountain bikes are efficient. Low-weight, fast rolling and ideal for those who enjoy the lung-busting climb that precedes the treasured descent. Not to be confused with the 29er dual suspension mountain bike, the 29er hardtail lacks the rear suspension to soften the bumps but that shouldn’t turn prospective buyers away.

Riding a 29er hardtail mountain bike will benefit any rider’s technique in the grand scheme of things. A hardtail encourages any mountain biker to become a smoother, more skilled rider, and these two beneficial factors will allow for a much more enjoyable ride every time the dirt trails come calling.

What a 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike has to offer

29er mountain bikes have for many years now been the most popular bike on the market and bar the emergence of the 27.5” hardtail, 29ers have been heralded as the premiere mountain bike for all conditions. Advancing suspension technology has also allowed for front suspension (forks) to be better than ever with a large range of travel options available to suit any particular riding style. Most hardtails will come stock with 100mm travel, if a plusher feel whilst out riding is desired, then look for a bike equipped with a longer travel fork.

Features of a 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike

Smoother Ride

Compared to the smaller size wheel options (27.5" & 26") a 29er will coast along trails and bumps with far greater ease. The larger wheel size offers greater air volume within the tyres.


A 29er hardtail has outstanding traction due to the large wheel size and corresponding contact patch with the ground. Although turning may not be as sharp due to the longer bike, the overall handling feels very much in total control as the larger wheels roll over obstacles with greater ease.

Note: If a nimble, agile and aggressive mountain bike is preferred then BikeExchange has further options, follow the link to find 27.5 hardtail mountain bikes and 27.5 dual suspension mountain bikes.

Maintain Speed

29er hardtail mountain bikes naturally are fast rolling, the only drawback is initial acceleration is slightly slower when compared with smaller wheel sizes. Larger wheels allow the rider to skim over trail obstacles such as rocks and logs with ease, which allows speed to be maintained through rough landscapes.


Hardtail mountain bikes are popularly renowned as one of the lightest mountain bikes available. Price and componentry dictate the overall weight of any 29er hardtail but be certain that owning a hardtail will make riding up climbs all the more enjoyable, at least for a short period of time.

Popular 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike Brands for Sale

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