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3/4 Compression Tights


3/4 length compression tights, also known as Capri compression tights, are a type of compression garment that extends from the waist to just below the knee. They are designed to provide compression and support to the lower leg muscles, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves.

How Compression Tights Work

Compression tights work by applying gentle pressure to the muscles, which helps to increase blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles. This can help to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness and can also aid in recovery after exercise. They are made from stretchy, moisture-wicking materials, which help to keep the skin dry and comfortable during physical activity.

Benefits of Compression Tights

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts often prefer 3/4 length compression tights because they provide the benefits of full-length compression tights while allowing for more ventilation and flexibility in the calf and ankle area. This can be especially beneficial for activities such as running, cycling, and weightlifting, where the legs are heavily engaged.

These tights are also designed to support the muscles, helping reduce the risk of injury by providing additional stability to the muscles during physical activity. This can help to reduce the risk of strains, sprains, and other common injuries.

3/4 length compression tights are also commonly used by people who suffer from varicose veins, as they provide additional support to the veins in the lower legs.