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Giant Balance Bikes


Giant balance bikes are a type of bicycle designed for young children who are learning to ride. They are called "balance bikes" because they teach children how to balance on two wheels before they learn to pedal.

The main difference between a Giant’s range of balance bikes and its traditional tricycle or kids bikes is that balance bikes do not have pedals. Instead, the child propels themselves along by walking or running with their feet. As the child becomes more confident and skilled, they can start to lift their feet and glide for short distances, which helps them learn to balance on two wheels.

Giant’s balance bike range uses a lightweight frame and is designed to be easy for young children to handle. They typically have a low standover height, which makes it easy for the child to get on and off the bike, and a small wheel size that is appropriate for their size. They also have comfortable seats and handlebars that are easy to reach and grip.

One of the main benefits of Giant balance bikes is that they are designed to help children develop their balance and coordination at an early age. This can help them learn to ride a traditional bike more quickly and easily when ready. Additionally, balance bikes do not have pedals, which eliminates the risk of the child getting their feet caught in the pedals, which can cause accidents.

Another benefit is that they are easier to learn how to ride, as children do not have to worry about pedalling at the same time as balancing. This allows them to focus on the latter, which is a harder task.

Giant balance bikes are suitable for children as young as 18 months old and can be used until the child is ready for a traditional pedal bike, usually around the age of 4-5.