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Bicycle Crank Pullers


If you are a keen cyclist who likes to maintain your own bike, you may have encountered the need to remove your crank arms at some point. Whether you want to replace them with a new set, clean them thoroughly, or access other parts of your drivetrain, you will need a special tool called a crank puller.

What is a Crank Puller

A crank puller is a bicycle crank removal tool designed to remove cranks from bicycles with three-piece cranks that use an M8 crank bolt. These include common square tapered cranks, SRAM® PowerSpline® cranks, FSA® Power Drive cranks, and BNI cranks on Bosch® e-bike systems.

A crank puller tool comprises a series of nuts and bolts that function by pulling the crank from the engaged axle. These nuts and bolts are usually made of aluminium because of their lighter and more stable performance. The tool has a rotating tip that can fit into different spindles: square-type spindles and splined-type spindles.

How to use a Crank Puller Tool

To use a crank puller, remove the dust cap and the crank bolt from your crank arm. Then you will need to screw the outer nut of the tool into the threads of your crank arm until it is snug. Next, you must turn the inner bolt clockwise with a wrench until it pushes against the spindle and pulls out the crank arm. You may need to use some force for this step. Finally, you must unscrew the outer nut and repeat the process for the other side.

Removing your bike cranks may seem daunting initially, but with a proper crank puller tool and patience, you can do it yourself without much hassle. A crank puller is essential for any cyclist who wants to keep their bike in good shape and enjoy smooth rides.