Bike Bags


Types of Bike Bags for Sale

If you travel often with your bike, it’s not always easy. It can be a hassle to fit it in your car, the train or on a plane. When you take your bike apart for transportation, you want to make sure it’s protected and you don’t lose any crucial components. Some cases are designed for specific bike models, while others are more generic and typically more affordable.There is a great selection of hard and soft bike carrying cases and bike boxes available on BikeExchange that are sure to suit your needs. A few things to consider when looking at bike bags are the materials of which the bag is made of, the weight and ease of use.

Hard Cases

With a hard travel case, a sturdy and robust outer shell will give your bike and accessories the most protection which is particularly excellent for use with air travel. The potential downsides with hard cases are that the cases will often have additional weight due the stronger materials used and you’ll likely lose the benefit of flexibility, making loading multiple cases in a car or storing multiple bikes more difficult.

Soft Cases

Lighter in weight and typically more affordable, soft cases pack down nicely for storage when not in use and offer more flexibility making it easier to fit other objects around your bike. The downside being that whilst soft cases will have internal padding, they lack the sturdiness that the robust outer shell and added protection of a hard case provides.

Bike Boxes

Bike boxes such as Enviro Bike Box offer an efficient, cheap and secure way to transport your bike, making them a great alternative to hard and soft cases. Though many lack wheels for easier carrying.

Consider Weight

The loaded weight of your bicycle travel bag or box is something to take be mindful of when travelling. Some travel cases provide storage room for additional items and while this additional storage may be a bonus, the added weight can make it difficult if you have to haul your bike case often.

Ease of use

Features such as handles, wheels, straps, padding and individual compartments can make your travel case easier to pack and handle in and out of the car, or maneuver around busy airports.