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Bike Bags


Bike Bags

Whether you wish to move your bike from one city to another or bring it along for a trip out of the country, you need to consider having a bike bag or box to keep it and other items, including biking accessories, safe. Bike bags and boxes come in various designs, sizes and colours to suit different preferences.

At BikeExchange, we avail such bags at a competitive rate. Besides bike bags, we also have essential bike accessories, cycling clothing, smartwatches and road bike wheels and more. We offer delivery services throughout Australia.

Are bike bags really useful?

The use of bags, in general, can be traced as far back as written history can reveal. Ancient scrolls and artifacts prove that human beings started using bags even before the invention of many other items that humans find helpful.

As a biker, you probably have many items you wish to carry, but you can end up misplacing or damaging them without the right bag. For instance, your spare wheel, bike pump and tools may not quite fit in your travel bag, and that is when you require a bike bag. Such bags enable you to organise your items and prevent unwanted elements from damaging them.

The best part is that most bike bags are inexpensive, meaning you can get one for yourself without having to worry about incurring too many costs. Additionally, the bags easily fit into the back of your car, making it convenient for you to carry things such as the bike itself, spare parts, and other essential accessories.

Types of bike bags available

Below are three of the main types of bike bags available for you to choose from. Understanding the advantages of each of them can be key to determining which among them is suitable for your personal use.

Hard case bags Hard case bike bags are usually designed with a hard outer layer to give exceptional protection to the items inside. In addition, such bags may feature a softer layer on the inside to prevent transferring of shocks to potentially fragile items within the pack.

High-end hard case bike bags may have water-proof qualities to help keep your bike and accessories dry. These bags are relatively heavier than their soft case counterparts. They are also an excellent choice for people who travel over long distances and may encounter rough roads and changing weather conditions.

Soft case bags These bike bags may feature a couple of layers, but none of the layers is hard. Soft bags are often lightweight and can pack down conveniently, so they are among the most popular for bikers who wish to move their bikes within short distances.

These bags tend to conform to the shape of the items inside, making them quite versatile in terms of the variety of things they can hold. The bags may have straps for carrying convenience and have special features for attaching them to the back of the car for convenience.

Bike boxes Bike boxes are usually made of a rigid material such as plastic to ensure durability and exceptional protection. Some of these boxes may double up as a work stand, making it easy for you to carry out maintenance tasks or reassemble the bike once you get to the destination. In addition, they may feature wheels underneath for convenient mobility.

How to choose the right bike bag?

With the wide variety of bike bags available, you may feel confused when deciding on the best one for yourself. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when making your selection.

Bag structure Some bike bags and boxes are designed in such a way that they have specific compartments for different parts of your bike. The structure of such bags allows you to determine how much you will have to disassemble your bike. If you want something that only requires you to disassemble a few parts, go for a designed bag for that need.

The weight The weight of the bike bag or box you choose can determine how much you have to pay at the airport. Remember that the cost of the luggage is usually determined by weight, and that is why if you wish to keep things on the lower side of the budget, you should choose a lightweight bag. However, if you are not worried about transport costs, you are free to choose any bag as long as it fits your preferences.

Durability and protection The type of material used to make a bag can determine how long it lasts and how much protection it offers to the items it holds. Choose a bag manufactured by a reputed brand. The bag should also fall within your budget.

Where can you buy quality bike bags?

Buy excellent quality bike bags from BikeExchange online. We have a huge collection of bags and boxes to ensure you enjoy convenience, safety and security at all times. We also have an impressive collection of bicycles, including family bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, kids bikes, commuter bikes, road bikes and e-bikes.