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Bike Bottle Cages


Bike Bottle Cages

When you’re looking for the ideal bottle cage, you’ll find some basic models that will do the job of holding your bottle secure and premium models that are lightweight and stylish. The bottle cage you choose is entirely up to you, and installing all of these is easy enough to be completed in only a few minutes.

What makes a good bottle cage?

The main point of bike bottle cages is to hold your water bottle. However, many cyclists overlook this vital piece of equipment and either put up with the cage that came with their bike or never get around to installing one in the first place.

Going without a water bottle cage is fine if you’re a recreational rider. But as your cycling sessions get longer than 45 minutes, having access to water or a sports drink helps you through a challenging ride. A good bottle cage holds your water bottle tightly enough that it doesn’t fall out, with the worst-case scenario of it going under your wheel. The cage should also allow you easy access so you can take the bottle in and out as you ride. Some bottle cages will have straps to hold larger bottles, and these are usually only accessible when you are stopped.

How to choose the right-sized bike bottle cage?

Almost all bike bottle cages are one size fits all, however, they're not all created equal. Cages are designed to fit large and small bottles, but some models offer adjustable fittings to help keep your bottle more secure. Some bottle cages offer more grip than others, so your choice of bottle cage can depend on if you’re into hard riding (e.g., mountain biking) or road riding.

The screws that hold these bottle cages to your bike are reasonably standard, but many bottle cages will have screw holes that allow minor adjustments to get the perfect fit. Choosing the right bottle cage for you comes down to your style and what will look good on your bike frame.

Some cyclists like to keep all their accessories matching and have a colour theme for all their gear. For example, they may prefer their water bottle cage to match the style and colours of their helmet, pedals, seat, or clothing. If you’re choosing the bottle cage for its functionality, then you may be best choosing a frame and then finding a bottle that fits snug and offers you easy access.

The main aim of bike bottle cages is to provide the cyclist with an easy way to replenish fluids lost during a riding session. Ideally, you should consume 1 litre of water per hour as you ride. In challenging conditions and terrain, you can lose up to 250ml of fluids every 15 minutes, so you need to make sure you have enough water on board. If you are heading out for a long ride, it may be best to take at least two 1 litre bottles so you don’t get dehydrated.

How to install a bottle cage on a bike?

On most bikes, installing bike bottle cages is reasonably straightforward. The entire job will only take a few minutes to complete. It’s an excellent task to get your kids to help out with, and they can even install one on their bikes.

After you pick out the water bottle cages suited to your biking habits, you can start installing them. The tools you’ll need to complete the job include a 4mm Allen key and the braze-on bolts (these are located on the bike frame). Unpack your best bottle cages and make sure there is no damage and the install holes are clear from any material. In some carbon bottle cages, you need to be careful not to over-tight the screws as this can damage the frame. If everything is good with your bottle cage, you can start the installation process.

First, locate the bottle cage bolts on the frame of your bike. Most bikes will have at least one installed, and some will have two. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with and unscrew those bolts. These bolts can usually be removed with your fingers, but you can use the Allen key if they are stiff. Use a cup or some other small container and place the bolts inside to avoid getting lost.

Now, you can position the bottle holders in place. Once you’ve located the ideal space, you can replace the screws and hand tighten them. Give the cage a final adjustment, and then tighten the screws using the Allen key. If the bottle cage frame is in the way, it may be possible to bend it slightly to give you more access. After the road bike bottle cage is installed, you can place your bottle of choice in the cage, and then you’re all ready to go.

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