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Bike Cassettes


Bike Cassettes for Sale

Attaching to the rear hub of your bike, a cassette is a cluster of sprockets. The number of sprockets dictates how many gears, or speeds your bike is. Your bike’s cassette is an integral part of your [groupset].

Cassettes typically come in options of seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven speeds, each with a wide choice of gear ranges to suit different riding styles within each. Typically the more expensive the cassette, the lighter it’ll be and the smoother it’ll shift. When picking a cassette, be sure to check that brand is a suitable replacement for your current one and that the overall range and number of cogs is compatible too. If in doubt, consult the seller.

To help assist with the purchasing of the right cassette for your bike, head on over to the BikeExchange blog for our guide to removing and replacing a cassette.