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Bike Helmets


Whether you're on a leisurely bike ride around the block or cruising downhill through hairpin curves, your head will always be in danger of whiplash and traumatic brain injuries if you don't wear a bike helmet.

Your safety on the bike is absolutely important, and that is why BikeExchange brings together a collection of some of the best bike helmets on the market yet. The best part is that our helmets are sold at some of the most competitive rates in Australia and beyond. We also avail a variety of bicycles and bike accessories, including the best bikes for gravel, electric mountain bikes, road bikes, bike lights, cycling jerseys, cycling shoes and more.

What are the benefits of wearing bike helmets?

One of the most important benefits of wearing bike helmets is that they are a safety accessory. In case of accidents, they cushion the head from hard surfaces and sharp objects. They also help reduce the shock that is caused by hard impact. At the end of the day, wearing bike helmets is key to ensuring safety for everyone.

Most helmets are designed in a way that improves the wearer's visibility. Many bike helmets are designed with luminous lines or colours to make the rider easily visible to other road users, which can prevent accidents.

In addition, helmets are an excellent location for one to mount lights as they provide a high rate of protection. Lights on the helmet make it possible for the cyclist to enjoy proper illumination when passing through dark tunnels and at night hours.

Helmets can also offer some level of protection against harsh weather elements. For example, if you are caught up in a hailstorm, a helmet can help cushion your head from injuries. It also keeps your head warm during cold weather and shields you from harmful UV rays.

How can you choose the right bike helmet?

There are a variety of bike helmets available on the market today, which can make selecting the right one for you a bit of a challenge. Nevertheless, if you keep these considerations in mind, you should be able to make the right decision.

Head protection

The first thing you should check is whether a particular helmet is designed with the Multi-directional Impact Protection System or MIPS. This technology is developed to help minimise the rotational impact of energy transferred to the brain in order to reduce injury. Wearing a bike helmet will dissipate an impact away from your head and spread it out across the helmet.

The size

Helmets should be selected based on your head size. A helmet that fits too tightly may end up causing discomfort. A helmet that is too large may end up coming off your head in case of accidents or even when you are engaging in high speed cycling. Pick something that fits snugly on your head.

Fastening features

Most helmets come with straps and buckles to help fasten them onto your head. Make sure that the one you choose is easy to put on and take off. The straps themselves should be made of high-quality material to ensure durability.

Think of maintenance

You need to take care of your helmet to keep it in good shape so that it remains safe for riding. Pick a helmet that is easy to clean. And in case of damaged parts, make sure the helmet can be repaired easily.

Extra features

While some helmets are designed to offer protection only, others include features that make them extremely functional. For example, some helmets feature hooks and clips that allow you to attach flashlights or cameras. There are even certain helmets that come with flashlights and cameras attached already. The BikeExchange store has bike cameras, bike lights, and the mounts needed to fix them to helmets for people who want to purchase a regular helmet and use the camera and light occasionally.

How can you clean a bike helmet?

If your helmet has been used for some time, you may find that it has dirt and dust particles on the outside and a certain unpleasant odour in the interior due to sweat. Here are some steps that you can follow to clean your helmet.

  • Make sure you have a soft cloth or sponge, some soap or detergent, and clean water on hand

  • Apply soap on the surface of the helmet and use the piece of cloth to rub off any stains and dirt

  • When you are done cleaning the outside, dip the helmet into cold or warm soapy water and gently rub the inside.

  • Rinse off the soapy water and let your helmet dry

  • Do not wear your helmet before it is fully dry because that may end up causing more odour

Where can I buy a bike helmet near me?

Shop for the best bike helmets from the BikeExchange online store. Whether you reside in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, or any other city in Australia, BikeExchange can deliver the helmet of your choice to the place you consider most convenient. Place your order now!