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Met Bike Helmets


MET is an Italian brand that has been making helmets for more than 30 years, covering all types of cycling disciplines, ages and budgets.

Its helmets are designed with efficiency, attention to detail, innovation and sustainability. They use advanced materials and technologies to create lightweight, aerodynamic, well-ventilated helmets that meet the highest safety standards. Some of their helmets also feature MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), a technology that reduces rotational forces on the brain in case of an angled impact.

Popular MET Bike Helmets

  • MET Trenta: This road helmet combines performance and comfort. It has a sleek shape that reduces drag by 7% compared to a traditional helmet. It also has a NACA vent at the front that improves airflow and cooling.

  • MET Manta: This is another road helmet designed for speed. It has a minimal profile that reduces wind resistance by 10 watts at 50 km/h compared to other similar helmets. It also has a Safe-T Advanced fit system that allows you to adjust the height and circumference of the helmet easily.

  • MET Terranova MIPS: This mountain bike helmet offers extra protection and stability. It has an extended rear coverage that protects the back of your head from impacts. It also has a MIPS-C2 liner that adds an extra layer of safety against rotational forces.

  • MET Parachute MCR: This full-face helmet suits downhill, enduro and trail riding. It has a removable chin bar that allows you to switch between full-face and open-face modes depending on your needs. It also has a Fidlock magnetic buckle that makes it easy to put on and remove the helmet with one hand.