Bike Holidays


Bike Holidays

A great way to combine your love of cycling with your passion for travelling is by planning an exhilarating bike holiday. BikeExchange is your one-stop source for information regarding once-in-a-lifetime bike holidays in Australia and all over the world.

You’ll find everything you need to know about available bike tours in beautiful, fascinating countries such as France, Italy, Canada, Portugal and many others. Bike trips are offered through some of the top bike tour operators from around the globe. Some even include competitive races and riding events where you can test your mettle against other skilled riders!

Choose Self-guided or Guided Bike Tours

Do you prefer holidays in which every detail is carefully planned, or do you enjoy the freedom to explore on your own? Whatever your preference, you’ll find the ideal bike trip for you and your travelling companions. Sharing a bike holiday with your family and friends is a fantastic way to create lasting memories.

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The guided tours offer a great way to ensure you don’t miss the best sights during your tour and can prevent you from getting lost during your journey. Guided tours usually include many popular sites, and can also highlight some great hidden wonders that you might not otherwise discover. The self-guided cycling tours can appeal to anyone with a strong sense of adventure, and you’ll also be able to enjoy your journey at your own pace. This is especially appealing if you’re travelling in a large group, or with friends of varying riding abilities. You’re free to explore certain areas, or skip over others that don’t interest you.

What to Consider When Planning Bike Holidays

The obvious factors to keep in mind when choosing and planning a bike tour include location, price, time of year and length of trip. Another important consideration is whether a bike is provided, or if you must bring your own. You’ll also want to ensure your level of fitness and biking experience is compatible with the riding conditions you’re likely to encounter.

We recommend using the filters found in the bottom left-hand column to evaluate the trip based on the following criteria:

  • Style of riding — Check whether the bike tour consists of road riding, off-road riding or a combination of the two. If you don’t have experience in the particular style of riding, a little training prior to the trip might be in order.

  • Rider level — Be honest with yourself about your riding level. Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider?

  • Distance per day — Also think about how far you’re willing and able to travel by bike on a given day. You’ll find bike tours where you’ll travel less than 10km per day, while others may require up to 150km.

Take a Closer Look at These Thrilling Bike Holidays

Check out our current selection of hundreds of fun, memorable bike tours and review the individual descriptions for all of the details. If you want to stock up on cycling products and accessories to take along or you think it's time to look at a new bike, you’ll find everything you need right here. Make Bike Exchange your one-stop resource for everything bike in Australia. Happy travels!