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Bike Locks


Types of Bike Locks for Sale

Bicycle locks come in a variety of styles, ensuring that every bike rider’s security needs are covered. The most common styles are cable locks, chain locks, U-locks and wheel locks.

Cable locks and chain locks are amongst the most popular due to their availability & affordability. Ranging in size from 30cm to 1.5m, their convenient length allows a bike to be securely locked to a variety of fixed objects. Cable and chain locks can be combined with a U-lock to provide even more security in high traffic and public areas. Cable and chain locks can typically be bought with combination or key mechanisms.

U-locks, also known as D-locks, are acknowledged as some of the most secure locks available. They are typically smaller and use thick reinforced metal which gives them great structural integrity. Their robust construction is favoured by commuters and those locking-up their bikes in public areas as they’re very difficult to cut or open without the correct key. U-locks will come in different lengths. Longer options typically allow for a wheel and frame to be locked up, whereas shorter U-locks are designed to just lock the frame to a pole or fixed object. Key mechanisms are generally used on U-locks and D-locks.

Wheel locks are less popular and rarely used due to their low security locking mechanism. Wheel locks immobilise the rear wheel by sliding a steel bolt between the spokes to prevent motion. Whilst this prevents riding the bike, wheel locks typically lack the ability to secure the bike to a fixed object.

Popular Lock Brands

Unsure on where to begin? Check out options from some of our best selling brands such as ABUS, OnGuard & Kryptonite. If you’re after a more budget friendly bike lock, start by looking at some options from BBB.