Bike Pedals & Parts


An integral and essential part of your bicycle’s drivetrain are the pedals. Attaching to cranks on either side of the bike, your pedals link you to the rest of the drivetrain.

Bike Pedals and Parts for Sale

Bike pedals come in a wide range of options to suit every different riding discipline. If you’re seeking pedals, narrow your search by seeing our extensive range available. On our bicycle pedals page, you’ll find a helpful guide regarding the various types of options available.

To keep your bike running as efficiently as possible, parts such as [cleats], [pedal straps], [toe clips] and [replacement pedal pins] can also be found, handy for maintenance or upgrading worn out components.

Looking for advice regarding pedals? Head on over to the BikeExchange blog for informative guides on how to remove and fit pedals and changing your road bike cleats, the easy way.

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