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Bike Rack Accessories


If you love cycling and want to take your bike with you on your next road trip, you'll need a car bike rack to transport your bike securely. But what are some of the accessories that can make your car bike rack experience even better? Here are some of the most useful car bike rack accessories.

  • Bike adapters: These devices attach to your bike's frame and allow it to fit on different car bike racks. For example, if you have a bike with a non-standard frame shape, such as a full-suspension mountain bike or a women's bike, you might need a bike adapter to mount it on a roof rack or a hitch rack. Bike adapters are available from brands like Thule, Yakima and CRUZ.

  • Locks: If you want to keep your bike safe from theft while it's on your car bike rack, you'll need a lock. Some car bike racks have built-in locks, but others require separate locks that can be purchased separately. Locks can be cable locks or U-locks that secure your bike to the rack or the vehicle. You can also get locking skewers for your wheels if they have quick-release levers.

  • Straps: Straps are essential for securing your bike to the car bike rack and preventing it from moving around while driving. Straps can be rubber or nylon and come in different lengths and widths. Some straps have buckles or hooks for easy attachment and adjustment.

  • Covers: Covers protect your bike from dust, dirt and weather elements while on your car bike rack. Covers can be either universal or custom-made for specific models of bikes or racks. Covers can be made of waterproof fabric or plastic and usually have elastic edges or straps for a snug fit.