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Bike Sprockets


A bike sprocket is a bicycle drivetrain component responsible for transferring power from the pedals to the rear wheel. It is a toothed wheel mounted on the rear hub and connected to the chain, which in turn is connected to the front chainring. When the rider pedals, the chain moves around the sprocket, causing the rear wheel to turn.

Sprocket Buying Considerations

Number of teeth: The number of teeth on the sprocket affects the gear ratio, which determines how easy or hard it is to pedal the bike. Sprockets with more teeth are harder to pedal but offer higher speed, while sprockets with fewer teeth are easier to pedal but offer lower speed.

Material: Sprockets can be made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminium, and titanium. Consider the weight and durability of the material when choosing a sprocket.

Compatibility: Make sure the sprocket is compatible with your bike's drivetrain, including the chain and cassette.

Shape and profile: The shape and profile of the sprocket teeth can affect how smoothly the chain moves around the sprocket. Some sprockets have specially shaped teeth that help to reduce chain noise and wear.

Brand and model: Different brands and models of sprockets may offer different features and benefits, such as improved shifting or weight savings.