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Cycling Holidays

Whether you prefer to sit back and let someone else handle all of the planning and details, or enjoy the freedom to explore on your own, you’ll find the ideal bike trip for you and your travelling companions on BikeExchange.

Things to Consider When Planning Bike Holidays

Along with the key factors to keep in mind when choosing and planning a bike tour such location, price, time of year and length of trip, the following are worth taking into account.

Style of riding:Check whether the bike tour consists of road riding, off-road riding or a combination of the two. If you don’t have experience in the particular style of riding, a little training prior to the trip might be in order.

Rider level:To ensure you get the most out of your trip, being honest with yourself about your riding level is a great place to start. Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider? Most tour descriptions will have varied rides on the same tour to suit different abilities, if in doubt, contact the tour operator for more information.

Bike Hire:Is a bike included, or will you have to supply your own. This is usually listed on the description, however if in doubt, contact the tour provider for more information.

Distance per day:How far are you willing and able to travel by bike on a given day. You’ll find bike tours where you’ll travel less than 10km per day, while others may require up to 150km.

Self-guided or Guided Bike Tours

Guided tours offer a great way to ensure you don’t miss the best sights during your tour and can prevent you from getting lost during your journey. Guided tours usually include many popular sites, and can also highlight some great hidden wonders that you might not otherwise discover.

Self-guided cycling tours appeal to anyone with a strong sense of adventure, leaving you free to explore areas of interest and skip over other area’s that offer little interest. You’ll be able to enjoy your journey at your own pace. Self-guided options are particularly appealing if you’re travelling in a large group, or with friends of varying riding abilities.

More Information

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