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Most of the time, people’s attention goes towards the tyres on a bike, but what about the wheels? When is it a good time to replace the wheels, and what are the benefits of doing so? Read this article to learn all about choosing and replacing bike wheels today! Bike Exchange is your number one destination for bike wheels, tyres, and more from the world’s top brands. No matter what you need for your next cycling adventure, we’ve got it covered. That’s part of what makes Bike Exchange the place where the world rides!

Is it worth upgrading my bike wheels?

Before you know whether or not it’s worth it to upgrade your bike wheels, you need to understand the different types of bike wheels and the benefits they offer. There are many different bike wheel types that you can choose from; there are aluminium, carbon, road wheels, mountain bike wheels, hybrid wheels, and more.

Each different bike wheel offers a different feature or benefit. Carbon bike wheels are great for road bikes because they are very lightweight and tough enough to handle anything the road throws at you. Mountain bike wheels are a bit different; they are heavier and wider, designed to hold up against large impacts without bending or breaking.

So, when you ask yourself, “is it worth it to upgrade my bike wheels?”, you need to know what a new set of bike wheels would be offering you. Do you want to cut down on weight with new wheels to give you higher performance? Or, do you want stronger spokes and rims that will be better able to handle the drops and bumps involved in mountain biking?

When you know exactly how the change will affect your cycling experience, you know whether or not it’s time to upgrade your bike wheels. If you find that the current wheels on your bike are actually perfect for your desired type of riding, there’s no need to change them. The only reason you should entertain the thought of an upgrade is if the wheels you have right now are not contributing to optimal performance from your bike!

When to replace bike wheels?

There may come a time when replacing the wheels on your bike is no longer an optional upgrade but an absolute necessity. The rims on bike wheels are some of the most vulnerable pieces of the entire bike. Over time, repeated bumps, crashes, and jumps/drops can put dings, dents, and bends into the wheels.

If you notice that riding on the smooth ground in a straight line actually feels more like riding on gravel, your bike’s wheels are likely damaged and causing an uneven, bumpy ride. Before you replace the wheels, though, consider replacing the tyres on your bike. If they have gotten damaged, they could be the true problem. And, replacing the tyres on your bike is much less expensive than replacing the wheels.

If, however, you come to realise that the wheels on your bike are truly damaged beyond repair, it’s time to replace them. How can you tell? The first signal that your bike wheelset is damaged is rough, bumpy rides. If riding on the smooth ground doesn’t feel smooth, it’s time to start troubleshooting.

Turn your bike upside down and look straight down the wheel. This might be all you need to do to confirm that your bike wheels are bent. If you cannot tell by doing this “eyeball test”, you’ll have to take the wheels off the bike, and the tyres off the wheels. Then, you’ll be able to closely inspect any potential damage to the wheels.

How to choose bike wheels?

Choosing bike wheels requires you to know the difference between different types of wheels and the advantages they offer to cyclists. Each wheelset has a different weight and strength that makes it suited for different uses. Mountain bikes require thick, durable wheels with lots of spokes. That allows them to survive hard impacts caused by rocks, trees, and the steep inclines and drops on mountain biking trails. Gravel bikes and cargo bikes, too, require heavy-duty wheels that can stand up to wear and tear.

Road bikes, on the other hand, are better served by narrow, lightweight wheel designs. This allows them to be more aerodynamic and perform better on the road. Hybrid bikes use wheels that combine the strengths of both types of bikes for use on various terrain.

Before you buy new bike wheels, you should do your research on which types are best for your purposes. If you’re a mountain biker, you’ll feel very disappointed when you ruin your road bike wheels the first time you use them. Similarly, road cyclists will be quite dissatisfied if they try to use wide, heavy mountain bike wheels that have too much friction and slow them down.

No matter what type of bike wheels you are looking for, Bike Exchange is the right place to find them. We can get you the wheels you need right now, help you find used bike wheels for your needs, and even get you connected to a private seller- all on the same site! If you’re a cycling enthusiast, a seasoned racer, or just checking out bicycles for the first time, Bike Exchange is here to help!

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