Bike Work Stands


Bike Stands

Every cyclist knows that to ensure longevity for their bike, they must carry out regular maintenance works. But only a handful ever think of getting the right work stand for this significant undertaking. Not only do bike stands make it easy for you to reach different parts of the bike, but they also make it possible for you to complete different tasks relatively fast.

At BikeExchange online, we have a huge collection of bike stands to suit different preferences. So whether you have a road bike, e-bike, mountain bike, commuter bike or kids bike, you can be sure that one of our stands will be perfect for the job. We also offer a range of bike accessories, cycling clothing, smart watches, road bike wheels, bike bags, among others.

What are the different types of bike stands?

There are two main types of bike stands, mainly tube clamping work stands, and axle work stands. Understanding these two types of stands can be key to choosing the most appropriate for your own needs.

Tube clamping work stands

These are among the most common bike stands available in Australia and worldwide. They often work by holding the tubular parts of the bike. For instance, they can hold the tube at the top of the bicycle or the seat post. One of their most important advantages is that they easily and quickly grab onto the bike to be repaired.

These stands are quite sturdy and will therefore hold your bike without requiring you to take down the wheels. Basically, you can mount the bike while it is fully intact. Additionally, they have unobtrusive features which means you don’t have to worry about any cables, through-axles or brakes getting in the way of your work. These types of stands are better suited for heavier bikes and not the light versions.

Axle work stands

Axle work stands can sometimes be referred to as bottom bracket mount stands. Unlike their tube clamping counterparts, these do not require any form of clamping. They are often simple and lightweight. They take up very little space, making them the ideal choice for people who want to carry them along on trips.

To use these stands, you have to place the bicycle at the top and therefore the pressure from the weight of the bike is directly exerted onto the base of these bike stands. A significant advantage of these bike stands is that they allow you to rotate the bike at an angle of 360 degrees.

That means you have access to every part of the bike without having to change your physical position. That is why these bikes are pretty popular for professional racers who need to get their bikes repaired fast and conveniently. The downside to these bike stands is that they require you to take out one wheel.

How can you choose the best bike stand?

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when trying to pick a suitable bike stand for personal use.

Permanent or portable: You need to figure out whether you need a permanent or portable work stand. With enough room in your backyard or garage, you can choose a permanent bike stand. Such a stand is often more solid than the bike it will be holding, making it an excellent option for long-term bike maintenance.

It is also the perfect companion when you wish to loosen rusted or tightened screws and bolts on the bike. In addition, some people mount permanent work stands onto more significant pieces of metal, making it easier to move them over short distances.

Portable bike stands, on the other hand, are often compact and lightweight. They are an ideal choice for individuals that do not have a permanent work station. They are also ideal for people who ride their bikes over rugged terrains that can cause damage that requires immediate repair.

The features: The features of a stand should inform your choice. Some stands are simple and plain, which also makes them inexpensive. There are also bike stands with additional features to help make your work easy, but these may be slightly more expensive than their simpler counterparts. Below are some examples of features you can find on different bike stands.

Angle adjustment: this feature allows you to easily carry out repair works that are complex. For instance, bleeding the hydraulic brakes may require angle adjustment for excellent results.

Height adjustment: don’t you just hate it when you have to keep bending down whenever you need to tighten a bolt or fix the brakes? Well, a height adjustment feature means you don’t have to keep bending. Instead, you can simply pull the bike up or push it down to a level you find most comfortable.

Quick-release clamps: some clamps bike stands have quick-release clamps that easily hold or let go of your bike with a press of a button. Other stands may require you to actually fasten the bike in place.

The Price: The overall price of the bike stand you wish to get is another factor you should consider. The best part is that BikeExchange has a wide selection of bike stands available at different rates. That means you can rest assured that you will find something that falls within your budget range.