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Liv Bikes

Liv spends time talking to elite athletes and finding out what is missing from current bike designs (e.g., Giant mountain bikes) and making them work better for women. Liv was founded in 2008 by Giant Global Group chairperson Bonnie Tu making Liv the sister brand for the world's largest bike manufacturer, Giant Bicycles.

At BikeExchange, we are happy to have many Liv bikes listed in our marketplace. These bikes are changing the way many women view the sport of cycling. Liv cycling has bikes suited for kids, beginners, and elite athletes. Liv makes bikes suited to all types of terrain and riding styles; you’ll even find Liv electric bikes as part of their range.

Why are Liv bikes so popular?

It’s challenging to pin down the exact reason why a brand is famous. However, with Liv cycling, it is likely because they listen to the needs of female cyclists. The Liv team takes on board what the users of their bikes are saying and seeks to make positive changes. Most of the Liv cycling gear is made from scratch, and the team is composed almost entirely of women. When you’re looking for women’s bicycles for sale, you’ll most certainly find a Liv bike that will suit you.

In a male-dominated sport, finding a brand entirely focused on producing a quality product for women can be simply refreshing. Women are very different from men, both physically and mentally, and what works for a men’s bike does not necessarily translate to being suitable for a women’s bike. As Liv bikes are made with the female cyclist in mind, these bikes are generally easier and more comfortable to ride. In a racing situation, the more comfortable you are, the harder you can ride and compete better.

What are the different types of Liv bikes?

The Liv bike range aims to offer a suitable bike for all female riders. There are bikes suited to all types of terrain and suit riders of all ages.

Road bikes

A road bike is ideal for most situations and is the perfect bike for casual riding. This bike can handle most types of terrain, although its specialty is for hard surfaces, such as roads, bike paths, and other paved surfaces.

Gravel bikes

Gravel bikes (or cross bikes) are suited to various surfaces. All Liv gravel bikes have disc brakes, and these are generally considered the best bikes for commuters and casual cyclists.

Mountain bikes

Liv has a great range of mountain bikes, from hardtails to bikes with full suspension. If you’re seeking a bike to take out on rough nature trails or are interested in downhill racing, then a mountain bike can be a perfect choice.

How to choose the right Liv bike?

The Liv bike range has enough different models to suit all female riders. When you decide which Liv bikes are best for you, it can be challenging because there are a lot of options available. However, you can take a few steps to narrow your choices and find the perfect bike for your riding style.

When you start looking at bikes, consider where you plan on using the bike the most. If you are thinking about riding to work as your main commuting option, then a cross bike or gravel bike is ideal as these can handle all sorts of terrain. The gravel bike is an excellent multi-purpose bike, and it can easily handle wet roads and sandy trails. If you’re only going to be riding on hard paved surfaces and sealed roads, then a road bike from Liv bicycles is an excellent choice. Road bikes are ideal on hard flat surfaces, and they can get moving fast. If you are looking for adventure and are seeking some adrenaline-pumping downhill riding, then Liv mountain bikes are perfect. Mountain bikes are great for hitting outdoor trails, so even if you’re looking to get back to nature with some dirt trails, a mountain bike will give you all the support you need.

After you have the bike you need, you can start looking at the bikes available in that category. You’ll find bikes targeted towards people new to the sport and professional athletes in each category. Setting a budget for your bike is best to narrow your choices further. At BikeExchange, you can use our search filters to only show bikes that fall within your budget.

Next, you need to measure yourself to ensure you get a bike that will fit your frame. Bike size is very important for your comfort when riding. With Liv bikes, they have a size guide, and all you need is your height, and then you can work out which bike size is right for you.

The final way to select a bike is to choose the colours and overall appearance of the bike. The bikes you ride should appeal to your sense of style, and you should like looking at them. Bikes come in different shapes and almost as many colours as you can imagine. While the bike’s performance is essential, if you don’t like it, you probably won’t spend a lot of time with it.

At BikeExchange, we have a huge collection of Liv bikes. You can find the perfect bike for your style of riding, and these are available for shipping or collection. In addition to the best bikes available in Australia, we also have road bike handlebars, handlebar tape, cycling computers, brake pads, bottle cages, and clip-in pedals. Shop today!