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Haro BMX Bikes


Haro Bikes was founded by Bob Haro, a professional BMX rider and artist. The company's first product was a BMX number plate that Haro designed, quickly gaining popularity among BMX riders. Haro Bikes expanded into producing BMX bikes and quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality and innovative products. Over the years, Haro Bikes has sponsored numerous professional BMX riders and has been a leader in the BMX industry.


Haro Bikes has been credited with numerous innovations and proprietary technologies in the BMX industry. One of the most notable innovations was the development of the freestyle BMX bike, which Haro Bikes introduced in the early 1980s. The freestyle bike was designed for performing tricks and stunts, and Haro Bikes played a major role in popularizing the sport of freestyle BMX. Haro Bikes also developed numerous proprietary technologies, such as the Fusion cranks, designed to be lightweight and durable, and the Mega Hub, which featured an oversized hub shell for increased strength and stability.

Product Line-Up

Haro Bikes produces a wide range of BMX bikes, including freestyle, race, and street models. Some notable models include the Haro Downtown, a versatile and affordable freestyle bike designed for beginners, and the Haro Citizen Carbon, a high-performance race bike designed for competitive riders. Haro Bikes also produces a range of BMX components and accessories, such as handlebars, forks, and pedals.

Haro Bikes is known for producing high-quality and innovative BMX bikes with unique designs. The bikes feature proprietary technologies, components, eye-catching graphics, and colour schemes. Haro Bikes also works closely with professional BMX riders to ensure that their products meet the needs and demands of top riders in the industry.

Haro in the Community

Haro Bikes has a strong presence in the BMX community and is known for supporting and sponsoring events and riders. The company also operates a BMX team, consisting of top professional and amateur riders worldwide.