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BMX Tyres


BMX tyres for sale

BMX tyres are designed to cope with a myriad of different riding conditions, from smooth concrete bowls at a skate park to fast flowing rhythm sections on a BMX race course. Selecting the right tyres for your ride will go a long way to improving the ride quality and safety of your bike. It's important to consider what tread pattern, tyre width and diameter best suit your riding style.

Ride Style

The riding style on a BMX tyre will typically fall into four categories: dirt, park, race or all-rounder. BMX race tyres are typically lightweight and designed to be ultimately fast, whereas tyres for dirt or park riding are typically far heavier with reinforced casings. Tread pattern influences the ride style greatly too, with slick tyres used for park and street riding, while tyres with a knobby pattern are needed for dirt use, whether that’s backyard dirt jumps or a local BMX race course.

Tyre width and Diameter

The most common diameter of a BMX wheel is 20”, however there are options as small as 14” to suit kids BMX bikes.

Width options for BMX tyres can range from one inch up to three inches. The advantages of having a wider tyre is seen with an increased contact patch for traction, along with a smoother ride and reduced chance of puncture. Not all BMX frames can handle wide tyres though, so be sure to match your tyre choice carefully.