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Car Bike Racks


Car Bike Racks

When travelling over long distances, it may not be possible for you to ride your bike. However, this does not mean you have to leave it at home. Car bike racks are the ideal solution to transporting your bike from one place to another.

At BikeExchange online, we offer a wide range of top quality car bike racks. Additionally, we sell some of the best bike options for you to choose from. Some of the products you can get from our online store include mountain bikes, e-bikes, kids bikes, road bikes, commuter bikes and family bikes.

What are the different types of car bike racks?

Here are the three main types of car bike racks available.

Rooftop racks

These are often mounted at the top of the car. In most cases, these racks do not have to be removed because they do not really affect the car’s aesthetics. They allow you to load your bike on the roof of the vehicle. Some racks may require that you remove the front wheel of your bike.

However, there are plenty of options to choose from if you want to carry your bike without having to disassemble it. These racks are often suitable for smaller car models. If you select this rack, you need to be careful when passing through low clearance areas because the rack and bike can add substantial height.

Car boot racks

These are versatile racks because they can be mounted on the boot of different car models. In addition, they often have multiple adjustment settings, which makes them immensely flexible in terms of the types of bikes they can hold. They are also compact in nature which means they take up little space at the back of the car.

Tow ball racks

If your car has a tow hitch or tow ball, this is definitely a good rack for you. One of the essential advantages of these car bike racks is that they are straightforward to mount onto the vehicle.

How can you install a car bike rack?

The different types of rack require other techniques for installation. Below is a quick walkthrough of how you can install each of the racks.

Car boot rack

  • Read through the manual that comes with your rack or search for its manual online

  • Make sure that there is no camera at the back of your car because the rack and bike may block it

  • Most of these racks do not require assembly but rather come as one piece

  • Depending on the rack you have, it should be able to clip all the way around your trunk

  • Verify that all parts have installed correctly before attempting to place your bike onto the rack

Rooftop racks

  • Read through the manual that comes with the rack

  • Different brands have unique methods of installation, which is why you need to follow instructions

  • In most cases, you have to hook your rooftop rack on the crossbars at the top of the vehicle

  • You can mount multiple racks if you wish to carry more than one bike

Tow ball racks

  • Read through the manual of the particular rack

  • Some racks may require you to screw vertically into the car’s frame from underneath

  • Place the rack onto the vehicle and tighten the bolts with a socket wrench

  • Check if the rack is stable before mounting your bike onto it

How to choose the right car bike rack

Consider the following details before you settle on any particular car bike rack.

Your budget

Car bike racks are available at different rates depending on the material used to make them and their features. You need to determine a budget before purchasing bike racks. Luckily for you, BikeExchange online has several racks at different price ranges, meaning you can be sure to find one that will fit into your budget.