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Computers, Heart Rate Monitors & Bike Sensors


Cycling Computers, Accessories & Bike Sensors for Sale

Modern bike electronics are a great addition to any cyclist's kit. Computers can help you track your time and distance, while heart-rate monitors and other bike sensors allow you to track and assess the health benefits of your riding.

Cycling Computers

Cycling computers give us a wealth of real-time information that can include everything from the basics of speed and distance through to more detailed information such gradient percentage, heart rate, temperature, cadence, calories burned, map charting, power output and much more. Many modern computers can also sync your ride data to popular online applications such as Strava and Map My Ride. Depending on the type of cycling computer, they will either require and/or include magnetic or GPS sensors to deliver data to the rider. Magnetic sensors will have either wired or wireless data transmission capabilities, while GPS sensors feature wireless design only. Cycling computers are compatible with a large range of accessories and can range in price with more expensive models typically offering fully-customisable screens along with more robust data features and options.

Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors provide another level of information when paired with your cycling computer, smartphone, or sports watch. Usually pairing via Bluetooth or ANT+, getting up and running is simple making heart rate monitors an easy way to help you manage your performance and training load on, or off the bike. Looking to the latest crop of GPS-enabled cycling computers, such as those from Garmin, Polar and Magellan, many offer heart rate monitoring as an included feature.