Computers, Heart Rate Monitors & Watches


Computers, Heart-Rate Monitors & Watches

The innovative technology found in many cycling products these days doesn’t just include the bikes themselves. There are all types of cycling computers on the market that can do everything from letting riders know their speed and distance travelled to mapping their trip and even monitoring their heart rate. Types of devices include bike computers that can be mounted to your bike, fitness monitors in the form of watches featuring a handlebar-mounted bike mode and GPS-enabled smartphones equipped with a cycling app.

Depending on the type of bike computer product, it includes either magnetic or GPS sensors to deliver data to the rider. Magnetic sensors can have wired or wireless data transmission capabilities, while GPS sensors feature wireless design only. Cycling computers can range from inexpensive to pricey — the most expensive models typically offer fully-customisable screens and many robust data features and options.

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Modern bike electronics are a great addition to any biker’s gear. Computers can help you track your time and distance to prepare for competitions. Heart-rate monitors allow you to track and assess the health benefits of your riding. And biking watches and smartphone apps can help you time your route. Take your biking to the next level with our great selection of bike electronics available at BikeExchange. You can search over tens of thousands of listings from any mobile device, and find cycling computers and devices from private and professional sellers all over Australia.

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