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Cycling Bandanas


A bandana is a headscarf tied by bringing the two ends together and knotting them. This allows you to adjust the size of the headscarf to fit your head perfectly. Bandanas are the breathable, elastic fabric that wicks away sweat and dries quickly.

Benefits of Cycling Bandanas

Bandanas have several benefits for cyclists. They can protect your scalp from sunburn, windburn, dust and insects. They can also prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes or glasses. Bandanas can also add some style and personality to your cycling outfit. You can choose from different colours, patterns and designs to suit your preferences.

Bandanas are easy to wear under a helmet. They are thin and lightweight, so they do not add bulk or interfere with ventilation. They can also help keep your helmet clean by absorbing sweat and oil from your hair.

There are many types of bandanas available for cyclists. Some have special features such as ear flaps, visors or reflective strips for extra protection and visibility. Some have cooling properties, such as gel inserts or evaporative technology that lower your body temperature when wet.