Cycling Clothing


Cycling specific clothing has special features that separate them from usual clothing and help you feel more comfortable while you’re out on the bike.

Features of Road Cycling Clothing

  • Chamois

A key feature for road cycling specific clothing is the chamois. The chamois is a padded liner on the underside of the short that provides an added layer of padding between you and the seat. A well-made chamois can make the difference between going home with a sore bum or riding for another hour.

  • Material

The material of road cycling shorts and tops are usually a type of lycra. Lycra is close-fitting material that can help with aerodynamics and compression of the muscles to help them work better. The close-fitting nature of the lycra means it doesn’t get in the way or chaff like baggy clothing can. Some tops are made of a lighter mesh material that can help with breathability on hot days.

  • Zipper and pockets

The zipper and pockets of road cycling jerseys are two important features of cycling kit. A zipper can be full length, which splits the front of the jersey in two, or half-length or even no zipper. Road cycling specific jerseys also have pockets on the back of the jersey, which can be great for holding food or spare parts during long rides.

Features of Mountain Bike Clothing

Mountain bike specific clothes are usually referred to as baggies and as the name suggest are loose-fitting clothes to help protect you and keep your comfortable.

  • Length

Mountain bike specific clothes have certain lengths depending on what type of mountain biking you’re doing. A longer set of shorts and tops are good for more extreme riding like downhill or enduro as the added length has more protection for your skin if you crash.

  • Material

The material that mountain bike specific clothing is made from is tough and more durable to protect you from branches as you’re riding or the ground if you crash. The shorts are usually the thickest but some are breathable with special vents added to increase airflow.

  • Fit

Most mountain bike specific clothes are very stretchy that allow you to pedal and move on the bike with ease when sitting or standing on a bike. The tops are also usually longer at the back so when you are on the bike the top doesn’t ride up and show your back.

Features of Urban Cycle Clothing

Urban specific cycling clothing includes features that are found in mountain bike and road cycling clothing but almost look the same as regular clothes. This can be very handy if you have a long commute to the shops or work and you want to be comfortable on the bike but also look good when you get to where you’re going.

  • Colour design

Urban cycle clothing usually have simple designs and colours that look good but aren’t covered in large logos, which makes them look much better for commuting or cruising around the town.

  • Fit

Urban cycling clothing is usually a mix between tight fitting and baggy clothes. The tighter fit means it is comfortable while riding but the slightly looser design means it doesn’t look obvious that you are wearing cycling kit while you’re sitting at the café.